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Benefits of building with timber

At Everest Building, we build environmentally friendly, energy efficient, sustainable homes.

We’ve told you that we prefer to build with timber for all our homes. Why? Put simply, we believe in energy efficiency and if you want an energy efficient build, then timber frame construction is the option for you, naturally.

So, what makes timber frame construction so beneficial? Read more to discover the benefits of building with timber for your home. ENERGY EFFICIENT AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY

Did you know that little energy is needed to convert trees to timber building products?

Yep! This makes timber a highly energy efficient choice of building material. Not just for an energy efficient home, but for the environment too.

Trees can be replanted, making timber a highly renewable resource too. When trees are planted they absorb excess carbon dioxide – much more environmentally friendly than a brick factory!

Along with this, timber has high thermal performance, which means the natural thermal properties of timber maximise insulation efficiency. With the correct insulation, timber frame has a higher thermal performance than brick. How is this calculated? With an R-value (a thermal resistance rating).


One of the major benefits of timber frame construction is that it’s possible to insulate the walls of your home. In addition, when insulating ceilings too, one can effectively make their home the equivalent of an esky (yes you read that right).

These natural thermal properties in timber, help maximise the efficiency of insulation. When your home is well insulated, your home will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter, saving you money on energy bills too.

The impact on the environment and your finances will be smaller, so you and the earth can feel happier. VERSATILE

As home owners and builders, we understand that you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing home, an array of architecture and design options and versatility. A timber home provides all this and allows you to do more, terms of material choices and finishes.

Need a little inspiration? Want to see how versatile timber can really be? Step inside some of our most recent Perth timber homes. FASTER BUILD

Whilst building should never be rushed and never is with Everest Building, it’s well known that timber can always equate to a faster build time.

Why? Due to the elimination of a number of ‘wet trades’; take brick layers for example. MORE SPACE

Naturally, brick is thick and timber is thin. What does a thinner building material give you?

You guessed it… more space! For example, a 250m2 slab there is the potential to gain another approximate 12m2 of space – that’s a whole extra room! What will you do with yours?

Simply building on a small block? Timber will assist with this too.


Not only do we want our home to be built to stand the test of time, we want it to look the part too, beautifully. From ultra-modern, to classic or traditional, the aesthetic variety of timber frame is huge. This lightweight framed construction can be used to create almost any desired architectural form or finish and supports a range of innovative designs from glazing, lighting, shading and more - A beautiful solution for architectural expression.

With timber-frame, you don’t just need to have a brick look finish – you have options... Perhaps you’d prefer a weatherboard or timber engineered product (from wood waste)? There are many other possibilities too, from fibre cement sheet products, such as Blueboard or Colorbond Cladding or Weathertex Products, just to name a few. These products can be rendered or some can come pre-finished.

As you can see, timber frame is a brilliant option for the building of your home – this method of construction has stood the test of time and been around for thousands of years. If you want an energy efficient build, then timber frame construction is the option for you.

At Everest Building Company, we believe in building homes for you and the environment - This is our purpose and our passion.

Our Perth eco homes are environmentally friendly, sustainable, energy efficient and can achieve up to a 10-star eco rating. We build Perth timber homes that help reduce your footprint on our precious and ever-changing environment and allow you and your family to live comfortably and more affordably, all year round.

Want to find out more about R-value (a thermal resistance rating)? Read more.

Ready to start building your dream sustainable home? We’re ready to help.

Start building. Contact us to find out how today.



1. According to the My Home Technical Manual, you can save up to 45% on heating and cooling energy with roof and ceiling insulation.

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