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Eco Homes

Working with you and the environment, to build a better home

At Everest Building Company, we believe in building homes for you and the environment - This is our purpose and our passion.

Our Perth eco homes are environmentally friendly, sustainable, energy efficient and can achieve up to a 10-star eco rating. We create homes that help reduce your footprint on our precious and ever-changing environment and allow you and your family to live comfortably and more affordably, all year round.


Picture this: Lower energy bills, not having to blast the air-conditioner in summer, more comfort, more happiness and a smaller carbon footprint.

What more could you want from your eco home?

How do we make your Perth home environmentally friendly?


An Everest Building eco home uses a combination of energy efficient elements to achieve the best possible energy rating for your home.

Some of the elements taken into consideration when building your home are:

  • Building orientation

  • Timber frame construction

  • Sustainable building materials

  • Passive Solar Design

  • Active Solar panelling

  • Water Efficiency

  • Facade materials

  • Renewable / Recyclability

  • Thermal Mass

  • High R rated insulation

  • Double Glazing

  • Spatial Functionality

  • Energy efficient doors

  • LED lighting

  • Skylights

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Perth eco timber-frame homes


If you want an energy efficient build, then timber-frame construction is the option for you.

Timber-frame homes are:

  • Ecofriendly and sustainable – People have been building with timber for thousands of years. As a renewable resource, it’s better for the environment too.

  • Made from natural material – as one of the few natural building materials, timber is natural and safe to handle.

  • Energy efficient – little energy is needed to convert trees to timber building products.

  • Well insulated - timber has natural thermal properties helping maximise the efficiency of insulation. When your home is well insulated, your home will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter, saving you money on energy bills too.

  • Versatile – timber allows for more modern and versatile design options.

  • Faster to build - more timber, means less trades and faster building time.

  • Durable – timber is a highly durable building material, with some wooden structures lasting centuries.

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Ready to start building your dream sustainable home? We’re ready to help.