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Design a home you love

There can be nothing more frustrating than spending hours, and potentially thousands of dollars with an architect only to discover, that the design you spent your precious time on, will not fit in with the building requirements or your budget.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

At Everest Building, we do more than build. We provide guidance from design to project completion.

We’ll work with you before you have your design and architectural plans drawn up, to ensure your ideas and visions for your dream home, will match your goals, lifestyle and budget.

Picture this: Going to your architect with a rough sketch we’ve helped you put together, confidently knowing they will work with your dreams, your team, and your budget.

How do we help with your home design?


You may already have a sketch to show us or you can sit down with us to put a rough drawing together from scratch.  We can offer you guidance on materials and the fixtures you may want to consider.

Want us to offer you advice before you pay for architecturally designed plans?

We can even refer you to quality draftsman or architect and guide you through the process.

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Solar Passive Home Design


Did you know that heating and cooling your home accounts for about 40% of the energy used in the average Australian home?

‘Solar Passive Home Design’ reduces (and in some cases eliminates) the need for auxiliary heating and cooling. So, if you want to live cooler in summer and warmer in winter, whilst reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bills, this is the home design for you.



Solar Passive Home Design works by ensuring the house is positioned and angled to reflect the best usage of sunlight, keeping the summer sun to a minimum and the winter sun filtering through at a maximum.

For more information on how we build Eco home designs with the environment in mind, visit our Eco Homes page.

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Change of plans?


Life has a tendency to throw us ‘curve balls’ from time to time. Things happen and plans change (this goes for home designs too).

No matter the change, we pride ourselves on being flexible and adaptable to work with you, your designer or architect and within your budget, should plans need to change.

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Ready to start designing your dream home and need a little help from a builder? We’re ready to help.